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Jun 30, 2016

I’ve advised famous billionaires, top NBA stars, music royalty and some of the ‎most successful entrepreneurs on the planet at my annual flagship event, The Titan Summit.

If there’s a single trait they all have in common it’s the “developed ability” to remain inspired not only when conditions are easy but (especially) when everything’s falling apart.

I call it a “developed ability” because keeping the passion in terrifying times is a muscle, a skill that grows greater with practice. You CAN rise to world-class in your inspiration. You just need to commit. And then put in the training time. Daily.

In this volatile world, with wholesale negativity, and many focusing on the worst of humanity, it has never been so important to learn how to protect your inspiration.

This hot new Mastery Session, handcrafted with a lot of care and love for you, will help you do exactly that.

Managing + maintaining your inspiration so you do inconic work, influence your field and lift our world isn’t a “soft skill”. Actually, it’s really hard to stay focused, brilliant and productive in this Age of Dramatic Distraction.

This new episode will walk you through some very practical skills to help you to remain at your best in the beautiful seasons and within the messy times.

And then go own your game. And rock your craft!

Hope all this free content-rich training I send over to you each week is helping you do amazing work, create a spectacular life and make your impact on all the human beings that will be served by your increasing greatness.

With love + respect,


Jun 23, 2016

Well, if you want to learn:

--the #1 reason to be relentless in becoming the icon of your field
--how to be so revered at what you do that you need no introduction
--why ego destroys exponential productivity
--potent ways to dial in your psychology to become Michelangelo-level in your market
--how to build a movement of Fanatical Followers...

...then definitely, carve out some time before this gift of a day is done to invest in your growth, increasing skill and best life by watching this new #MasterySession that I made with intense + immense passion.

With lots of love,


Jun 16, 2016

This Mastery Session is all about how to leap from a job to a craft.

To lift your work from a job to a craft, install the perception that no work is ordinary.

Jun 9, 2016

Why am I doing this Mastery Session? Someone who was at The Titan Summit a few months ago told me, "The best idea that I got from the 4 day event was your concept of building a team of Picassos."

In this episode I'm sharing some of my ideas on building a team of Picassos. These are not from a book I've read or from a conference I've been to.

I've spent many years building multiple businesses, and I'll tell you, at my core business, I have the best team in place that I've ever had in the history of the company.

What I'm going to share with you in this podcast hopefully will be a game-changer, but also will be incredibly practical because it's derived from tremendous experience. I mean, I have had to hire a lot of employees. I've had to let go of a lot of employees. I've dealt with difficult employees. I've got knocked down by some employees. I've been lifted up by a lot of employees. What I'm sharing from you comes from the heart, and it comes from the trenches.

Here are 4 lessons to build a team of Picassos (+ 4 methods to help you keep them in your team)

Jun 2, 2016

I truly believe that given the twin forces of globalisation + market disruption, it has never been so important to do your finest work and lead your professional field.

You're competing against top talent across the world these days. And so only the best will thrive.

I love great quotes. The right line can carry an entire book's worth of insight + impact.

And so I've made this new Mastery Session for you where I share 5 of my favorite quotes to evoke your highest performance.

Hope this helps. And please remember: little acts of progress performed each day with consistency cause vast improvements over time. Make today count.

Your fan always,