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Aug 3, 2016

One of the best skills you'll ever hardwire into your mindset + heartset is the skill of undefeatAbility.

For years I've talked about "grit" being a primary trait of the most successful people in business and the corresponding research of Angela Duckworth at University of Pennsylvania.

Bottom line: it's not the brightest who wins. It's the most relentless.

In this new #MasterySession, I dial into a research study of 12,000 managers and the one thing they did that created their best performing days.

I'll also teach you my "Nightly 3 Ritual" which will boost your confidence, elevate your momentum and breed a Pharmacy of Mastery in your brain. Watch it here:

Thank you to everyone across the planet watching The Mastery Sessions, using them at team meetings to grow market-leading organizations and sharing‎ them with their friends to help them improve their lives vastly.

I handcraft each episode with a ton of care, passion + love. Happy they've been so helpful to so many.

And I promise to work even harder, to make them even better for you.

All green lights. Your fan always,


Jul 28, 2016

Much of my life has been a devotion to a simple expression: you can lead without a title.

The old model of leadership taught us that to lead meant the need to have a formal position, high authority and a big office.

But we're now in Leadership 2.0. 

And if you want your organization to win. And if you want your craft to fly, you absolutely need to learn to show brilliant leadership without relying on a title [or needing one].

So, if--on this precious day of your massively important life--you're amped/excited and set to learn:

--how the best leaders think

--ways to leap from victim to world-builder

--why growing more leaders is Job #1

--my popular "3 I Practice" for creating a culture of people who lead versus coast that has inspired my clients to scale great companies...

Remember, what you do every day is x100 more important than what you do once a year.

And the finest leaders + the fastest performers all make the time to learn + grow daily. Why? Because as you know more you'll achieve more. And as you become better, you'll experience greater.

So definitely watch, study and then deconstruct [I'll do a video sometime on how I deconstruct insights as it's such a potent practice] this ‎episode. 

Ok. Hope this helps. Go be great!

With love + respect,


Jul 21, 2016

How did Jobs + Musk, Dali + Kanye, Mandela + DaVinci do it?

Yes they worked their crafts, invested in their acumen, found the right mentors and exercised the grit to get their audacious visions done.

But one thing every single icon who has ever graced our precious planet‎ has had in common is the ability to install systems that release their greatest productivity.

Having worked with many billionaires as a leadership + elite performance advisor, I've watched how they do what they do. And I've taught them a series of "peak performance protocols" that have caused them to x100 their results, impact and contribution.

These remarkable powerful proprietary systems I've created include:

--The 90/90/1 Rule

--The Tight Bubble of Total Focus Strategy (TBTF)

--The A-Player Orbit Mentality

--The Learned Minimalism‎ Philosophy

I hope this Mastery Session serves your productivity beautifully.

With love + respect, 


Jul 13, 2016

I truly hope you're doing things today to fuel your joy‎, accelerate your success and move the needle toward your most audacious ambitions.

If you want to grow your confidence, creativity, productivity and prosperity exponentially you really need to watch this new Mastery Session where I walk you through 5 of the most valuable and result-driving leadership principles you will ever learn.

I encourage you to not only watch the episode a few times but go deep into it. Deconstruct it. Study it. Reflect on it in your journal or on your whiteboard.

In a world where a superficial approach is most common, go rare-air. Be rigorous around the insights. Dial in on them. Master them.

And definitely post a comment after you've gone through the podcast so I can read your thoughts on it.

With love and respect, Robin

Jul 7, 2016

Today's message + insights are super-granular.

Are you ready to learn:

--how to use flight time for show time so you become The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Your Field?

--the awesome value of upgrading your hotel room so you bring on genius-level performance into everything you do?

--my famous "Forced-Optimization Strategy" [FOS] that has helped my beloved clients at Personal Mastery Academy and my annual flagship 4 day event The Titan Summit create fortunes of uncommon success + service in our confusing world?

--"The 3 Energizers" that will x100 the joy, gorgeousness and deep value of every trip you take for the remainder of your career‎?

If you answered "yes" to learning these powerful ideas + routines I've discovered over 2 decades criss-crossing the planet delivering leadership presentations, you will LOVE my new Mastery Session.

Hope this helps you own your craft, lift your life and make your contribution to the world.

All green lights,


P.S. THANK YOU: Millions of people have downloaded The Mastery Sessions, my new podcast, since I started releasing episodes just a few months ago.

It all started off as an idea and it's becoming a revolution. I feel vastly blessed to be able to help + inspire + ‎serve. Truly.

Jun 30, 2016

I’ve advised famous billionaires, top NBA stars, music royalty and some of the ‎most successful entrepreneurs on the planet at my annual flagship event, The Titan Summit.

If there’s a single trait they all have in common it’s the “developed ability” to remain inspired not only when conditions are easy but (especially) when everything’s falling apart.

I call it a “developed ability” because keeping the passion in terrifying times is a muscle, a skill that grows greater with practice. You CAN rise to world-class in your inspiration. You just need to commit. And then put in the training time. Daily.

In this volatile world, with wholesale negativity, and many focusing on the worst of humanity, it has never been so important to learn how to protect your inspiration.

This hot new Mastery Session, handcrafted with a lot of care and love for you, will help you do exactly that.

Managing + maintaining your inspiration so you do inconic work, influence your field and lift our world isn’t a “soft skill”. Actually, it’s really hard to stay focused, brilliant and productive in this Age of Dramatic Distraction.

This new episode will walk you through some very practical skills to help you to remain at your best in the beautiful seasons and within the messy times.

And then go own your game. And rock your craft!

Hope all this free content-rich training I send over to you each week is helping you do amazing work, create a spectacular life and make your impact on all the human beings that will be served by your increasing greatness.

With love + respect,


Jun 23, 2016

Well, if you want to learn:

--the #1 reason to be relentless in becoming the icon of your field
--how to be so revered at what you do that you need no introduction
--why ego destroys exponential productivity
--potent ways to dial in your psychology to become Michelangelo-level in your market
--how to build a movement of Fanatical Followers...

...then definitely, carve out some time before this gift of a day is done to invest in your growth, increasing skill and best life by watching this new #MasterySession that I made with intense + immense passion.

With lots of love,


Jun 16, 2016

This Mastery Session is all about how to leap from a job to a craft.

To lift your work from a job to a craft, install the perception that no work is ordinary.

Jun 9, 2016

Why am I doing this Mastery Session? Someone who was at The Titan Summit a few months ago told me, "The best idea that I got from the 4 day event was your concept of building a team of Picassos."

In this episode I'm sharing some of my ideas on building a team of Picassos. These are not from a book I've read or from a conference I've been to.

I've spent many years building multiple businesses, and I'll tell you, at my core business, I have the best team in place that I've ever had in the history of the company.

What I'm going to share with you in this podcast hopefully will be a game-changer, but also will be incredibly practical because it's derived from tremendous experience. I mean, I have had to hire a lot of employees. I've had to let go of a lot of employees. I've dealt with difficult employees. I've got knocked down by some employees. I've been lifted up by a lot of employees. What I'm sharing from you comes from the heart, and it comes from the trenches.

Here are 4 lessons to build a team of Picassos (+ 4 methods to help you keep them in your team)

Jun 2, 2016

I truly believe that given the twin forces of globalisation + market disruption, it has never been so important to do your finest work and lead your professional field.

You're competing against top talent across the world these days. And so only the best will thrive.

I love great quotes. The right line can carry an entire book's worth of insight + impact.

And so I've made this new Mastery Session for you where I share 5 of my favorite quotes to evoke your highest performance.

Hope this helps. And please remember: little acts of progress performed each day with consistency cause vast improvements over time. Make today count.

Your fan always,


May 26, 2016

Whether you lead a nation, an enterprise, a community or a family, we are all in the communication business.

Knowing what to say, in the right way--at the perfect moment--can mean the difference between a world-class life and an average one.

As I start building out new teaching models for The Titan Summit in Zurich this December, I spent a lot of time recently deconstructing what I've learned advising and witnessing many of the world's top leaders.

And I've put my best insights as well as some super-practical strategies in this brand new Mastery Session.

I know the information will really help you both in your work and at your home. But like all learning, it's not going to make a difference if you don't watch this video and then, even more importantly, start practising the concepts until they wire in as habits.

Go be great.


May 19, 2016

Forgiveness isn't just a blessing you deliver to another human being. Forgiveness is also a gift you give yourself.

Too many potentially fantastic performers + rare-air leaders among us have left their best creativity, productivity and impact on the table of broken dreams because they stayed stuck in the past.

You can stay angry at someone who hurt you. Or you can get busy doing your visions and changing our world. But you don't get to do both.

I lovingly made this new Mastery Session called How to Forgive a Human Being to elegantly help you forgive the unforgiven so you leap from any victimhood up to leadership.

As always, I'm in your corner. You can be great. And now is your time.

All green lights,


May 12, 2016

This beautiful, messy, wonderful and volatile world of ours needs more heroes.

People of courage, conviction, excellence and grace.

People who put their cause above their ego and their vision before their doubts.

Makes me think of Nelson Mandela. I've studied his life. Met some of his inner circle. And reflected on his greatness, which I believe came down to 2 elements: 

#1. The character he constructed.

#2. The lives he lifted.

In this new Mastery Session called The 2 Drivers of a Remarkable Life, I dig deeper into what makes heroes heroic. And how you too can step up your mindset and behavior to get there fast.

May 5, 2016

I'm spending a lot of time in Rome these days. Writing The 5 AM Club, shooting teaching videos, crafting new leadership models and running the ancient streets before the Romans awake.

And so, with your highest performance + greatest life at the front of my intentions, I made this new Mastery Session for you.

In it, I'll walk you through insights on how to x20 the quality of your work (based on Italian examples like Moncler and Ferrari), ways to scale your inspiration (from art like Trevi) and a lesson from a master in a cheese shop to make life vastly better [thank you Roberto!].

Apr 28, 2016

A little while ago I came across a PBS special on one of my favorite heroes, Thomas Edison. This is a man with so many patents, who achieved so much, who was so devoted to bringing on genius into the world. He clearly changed our lives.

This Mastery Session is all about is his Menlo Park, where he developed this laboratory in a huge warehouse space, where he and his small team would go to work on their inventions. It would be a place where Edison could get away from the world and where he could get his best ideas, distraction-free, to bring on what he did to the world.

Apr 21, 2016

Transcending what terrifies you and finding freedom from fear is one of the primary pursuits of people rising to world-class, both in their work and within their lives.

The project you are most scared to do is the one that holds your greatest growth. So why flee from it?

In this hot new Mastery Session, I walk you through some of my best thinking on how to become braver, stronger and more creative in the face of resistance.

I truly hope this episode will fuel your inspiration as well as kickstart your noblest self.

Kindest wishes,


Apr 14, 2016

Age is just some label society places on us [and prints on a driver's license].

And yet so many of us allow it to limit our heroic nature and instinct for greatness.

And positive psychologists confirm (through good research) the power of the self-fulfilling prophecy: think you're old and you'll become old. [Because if you think you're old, you'll move less, create less, work less, dream less--which will make you old!].‎ Yikes! :)

It's common to hear, "I'm getting older so I need to workout less" or "I'm not 21 anymore so I need to become less of a dreamer and more practical."

The vast masterpieces of art, business, science and humanity were not constructed by practical people. And many of them were far older than 21 :)

In this Mastery Session, I'll walk you through some potent insights + tactics to become ageless. So you become peerless.

Sending you every wonderful wish as you rise above your past self. And step into the genius that longs to see the light of day.


Apr 7, 2016

I’m in an ultra-creative field today so needed to send this over to you with a ton of appreciation for your highest potential…

…and with a heart overflowing with encouragement for your greatest IMPACT.

If you’re amped to access your hidden talents, become uncommonly true to you, install rare-air audacity and learn how to transcend what terrifies you, check out this Mastery Session on Leaving The Cult of Average.

And please remember: it doesn’t matter where you start, only that you begin.

Your fan always,


Mar 31, 2016

I went mountainbiking for the first time this year (the snow finally melted) so I'm in an uber-great mood as I write you this message :)

If you've been following my work for a while, whether on Facebook [we're almost 3 million people strong on my page], Instagram [coolest platform on the planet] or via my books or perhaps going x100 higher into a life that makes history by attending my flagship annual event The Titan Summit [we're in Zurich this year and the lineup will blow your mind], you know that the one who serves the best wins.

I've been evangelizing standing for a cause larger than yourself, leadership through radical helpfulness and constructing a life of ridiculous impact for 20+ years. Yes, I started in this field when I was 2 ;)

And though I see beautiful change in the world as more people in business embrace the ideal of monomaniacal value creation and a career built on authentic contribution [business used to be only about money versus craft, community and acute service to humanity], some still feel that is they give a lot, they'll lose too much.

And so I've created a Mastery Session called How to Stop Being Used.

It's pretty short but pretty valuable for you as a Leader Without a Title, A-Player and world-lifter.

As always, hope it serves your rise to legendary.


Mar 24, 2016

Here’s the great seduction of a human life: we postpone doing what matters most until some time in the future when we hope it will all be easier.

And yet, you’re smart so you know the truth: there will never be a better day than this day to step into the life you’ve always longed to live [and start becoming the person you’ve always hoped to be].

To reconnect you with the preciousness of life and to give you some tactical insights to x25 your sense of energy and fulfillment, I’ve made a new Mastery Session called 5 Things To Do Before You Die.

You, your gifts and the rest of your life is just too important to me and the rest of the world for you to experience anything less than your best.

So make some tiny (or massive) shifts today. Dream big/start small/begin now :)

With much love,


Mar 17, 2016

Part of what made people like Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi legendary were the words they spoke.

Please just think about it: words of hope can lift whole nations. And words of hate can destroy entire races. Victimspeak will diminish your personal output while leadertalk will galvanize it.

‎In this short but insight-filled Mastery Session you’ll learn how the best leaders inspire and move people to brilliant results.

And definitely subscribe to my podcast (and share it with your team and loved ones) so you don’t miss a weekly episode. You’ll love what’s coming.

Rise higher,


Mar 10, 2016

So often, when I travel across the planet to deliver my Lead Without a Title presentation, my beloved event attendees ask me: "Robin, when will you write a book that helps parents raise children who are leaders?"

I have no plans to write a parenting book. But what I did do, given how many people want good information on the subject, is record a new Mastery Session called How to Grow Great Kids.

Developing the skill of raising children who are authentic, loving, creative, ethical and excellent not only makes your future exponentially happier, you'll also make the world vastly better [as it's the next generation that will run the planet].

In this episode, I'll walk you through:

--what recent research confirms is the #1 family ritual to guarantee the academic and life success of your children.

--how to build kids who believe in their greatness and achieve superior results.

--the 4 statement nightly habit I used with my own children for over 10 years.

As always, I hope you find the content my team and I work so hard to deliver to you valuable. And definitely subscribe to the podcast so you get each week's episode [you can do so on the page].

With every great wish for a happy, healthy, successful and wonderful family,


Mar 3, 2016

In this Mastery Session I'm going to offer you some tactics that I use to make that leap from a difficult day into you being at your best again.

Feb 25, 2016

This episode is all about the 5 consistencies of Game-Changers, I'll share a mneumonic to help you remember these 5 insights. It's a bit of a strange mneumonic, but it's basically this: “Elephants Do Silly Postures Working.”

Feb 17, 2016

A job is only just a job if you choose to see it as just a job. Why would you lose the opportunity to leverage what you do every day?

Read the rest here:

Get the mp3 of this episode here:

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